Course Description

With the information in the course, you will manage and influence others more effectively. This communication skill can help you to stand apart from others and demonstrate your ability to lead and manage others with greater self-management, too.

You will gain an invaluable tool when you complete this course, no matter your title. Your communications will be targeted and more powerful. Plus, your confidence will grow when you can "read" others more effectively so you are not caught off guard.

The course will introduce basic traits to learn from an entrepreneur. We will identify the different types of entrepreneurs and see how the angles change their perspectives. In the final chapter, we will discuss ways to adapt entrepreneurial traits and use them whether starting a new business or working within a corporation.

Participants will be introduced to basic communication styles, and how to practice style flexing. This will be the pre-requisite course to the upcoming Influence is B.L.I.S.S.

Materials are included.

CPCC, ACC—Dynamic Enterprise Analyst & Certified Business Coach,

Michelle Cubas

Michelle Cubas is a formally trained and certified enterprise business coach, behavior analyst, business blogger, author, and dynamic entrepreneur, She brings solutions and results to her clients' quandaries. She offers award-winning brand marketing, public relations and corporate communications expertise founded on two decades of experience. Michelle consults with fledgling and international corporations, inspires business leaders to manage by values-driven principles and supports individuals seeking life and career fulfillment.Leaders experience refined communication insights, active solutions, results and performance. Leaders hire Michelle to tap into her passion about her work and want it to "stick onto their teams" Insightful communications and solutions result for teams, too. Corporate managers, entrepreneurs and business owners find her coaching systems peel away years of inertia and self-defeating behaviors to forge new options for values-driven career-personal fulfillment.Michelle's client research directly links Business Literacy™ to productivity and performance—She is the only coach focused in these areas. Because of this premise, companies seek her progressive, tested human capital philosophy, and diversity hiring systems. Clients' flourish and rise in the safe, non-judgmental, encouraging growth space Michelle provides. It is a respite from the conflict and politics of the work-o-sphere™.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Secrets from An Entrepreneur's Notebook

    • What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You?

    • The Shapes of Communication Styles

    • Try On Different Communication Styles

    • Know the Communication "Angles"—Handout

    • Who Are You Defined—Download worksheet

    • Pick opposite style of you—Download worksheet